Friday, May 3, 2013

product review: products from sos emergency hand rescue.

howdy guys.
so after a pretty shit and stressful few weeks, i'm back with a quick product review using some goodies i suggested in the 'sos: emergency hand rescue'.

l'occitane on minute hand scrub:
for about $30 bucks, you can pick up a 100ml tub of this stuff. it's basically an oil with organic brown exfoliating sugar. the oil aims to nourish the hands and contains shea while the exfoliating sugar gently scrubs away any dead skin cells. after a little scrubbing, your paws will be feeling pretty damn smooth, however occasionally the oil really likes to do its job (at being oily) and requires a some soap to encourage it to wash away. this stuff doesn't smell the best either, but overall as a hand scrub, it does its job pretty well so it's good for a quick treatment every so often. you'll have hands as soft as a baby's bum in just over a minute.

l'occitane shea butter hand cream:
the 150ml size of this is about $40 bucks, which is a decent price. the cream itself is a best seller (one is sold every 3 seconds) and i can see why. it's super great for nourishing and protecting the hands from becoming dry and contains 20% shea butter. shea butter is basically a complex fat that is sourced from the nut of a shea tree and is used throughout many cosmetic labels thanks to its properties in moisturising, healing and renewal processes. for these reasons, it is found in a lot of l'occitane products. once thoroughly rubbed in, the cream is not oily or greasy and thanks to it's very subtle and almost non-existent scent, it's great for those who don't like or can't use scented creams. i use this every night before bed and i love it!

butter london: horse power - nail fertiliser:
for best results it is directed that you apply one coat everyday for a week, then remove and repeat for the duration of a month, with a months break in between each cycle. i have to admit, i rarely do this for the full month but i find it good for giving my extremely weak nails a bit of extra oomph when i'm trying to encourage them to grow and i also love using it as a basecoat when i'm applying colour to my nails. i picked up my 17.5ml polish for about $25 so it's not extremely cheap but so far, it seems like a little product goes a long way, so it probably works out well in the long run.

sorry again for my brief break, but i'm back and ready to blog.
do you guys have any nail products that you love? let me know, i love trying out new ones.
cheers, x

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