Monday, May 6, 2013

fashion haul: topshop.

yippeee, my top shop delivery has finally arrived.
thought you guys might want to have a quick squiz at what i got, incase you take fancy to any of the items.

it basically all started with me wanting a beanie, but then i thought i might get a few other goodies and got sucked in to the free delivery for spending £50. i ended up with two beanies, a cropped top, cropped jumper and two pairs of socks.

colour block skater beanie: £10
i loved the splash of pink seeing as this style of beanie usually has more of a grunge and boyish look. looking forward to figuring out how to style this beanie as i'm not quite sure what i'm going to wear it with or how to wear it on my smallish head. this was the original item i jumped on topshop to get before i ended up with the following.

snow faux fur teacosy beanie: £7 (on sale)
the second beanie was a gamble. on my trip to europe a few months ago, i saw some super cute faux fur head gear so when i spied this, i thought this might be exactly what i was looking for. it was hard to tell through just the photo how big the beanie was and how exactly it would fit but for the price, i was willing to try it out. it came in black and cream but i thought the cream was a bit different. so glad i picked this, it's the cosiest thing ever!

dweeb crop top: £7 (on sale)
i thought this top was nice and plain which means i could dress it up or down depending on what i'm wearing. i love a plain top with a bold 'statement'. they always look effective.

mickey mouse crop sweater: £22
this one was a little more expensive but i have a slight obsession with anything mickey mouse, so i was willing to spend a little extra cash. i liked that it was cropped, as it makes it different and easier to style as it's not so bulky so you could pair it with anything highwasted. the bottom is a chopped off style without stitching which i didn't originally realise but i think it adds something to it.

ankle socks (cat and polka dots with lace): £3.50 each
i pretty much bought these to get me over the £50 mark because all the other items i wanted would have made it the equivalent of paying postage and i didn't really have the money to be buying things in the first place. i'd really wanted the cat socks for a while anyway and the polka dot ones would be really cute on a day when i'm feeling a little more girly.

so receiving my delivery today has made me super excited to start styling some of these pieces as the cuts and styles of them make them a little bit different to things i might normally wear.
have you bought anything online recently that you've been wearing a lot? let me know.
have a fabulous week,

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