Wednesday, April 17, 2013

tv show of the month: the following.

unlike people such as my sister, who have seen every tv series released in the last ten years, i myself have difficulty finding time to watch tv quite so religiously. almost every female i know in the 15 to 25 year old age bracket has watched all seasons of gossip girl about three times a pop, while i'm yet to move on from the first. it's not that i don't want to watch tv, i just seem to struggle to find the time or i'll start a season and never get to finish it, therefore forgetting what happened in previous episodes and finding story lines all over the place. i do have a few exceptions which i shall perhaps share with you on another occasion.
however, i thought it only fitting that for my first 'proper' post i'd share with you my new absolute FUCKING FAVOURITE tv show (& possible favourite tv show of the year). anyone who has not heard of or seen 'the following,' i am officially taking it upon myself to give you homework for the week and watch it. i stumbled upon this gem by complete chance and have been absolutely addicted, watching almost all twelve (so far released) episodes back to back. it was a pleasent surprise, as the description i read worded it like your typical crime/thriller/police chasing bad guy kind of series which didn't sound all too exciting or different from the hundreds of others out there. 'the following' brings a whole new oomph to this 'typical' genre by adding some super story lines and character twists (think 'pretty little liars' or 'revenge'). is is more graphic than most tv shows, so if you're a squeemish kind of person, it might be worth steering clear or at least having hands at the ready to sheild your eyes in any vomit inducing moments.
i must make request to anyone who does decide to watch and that would be PLEASE watch the unscencered version. australian tv is currently playing the censored version which is the biggest piece of crapola i have ever seen and really doesn't give you the full effect of its amazingness!
if anyone does decide to check it out, comment and let me know what you think. do you agree with me or not? also, what are your favourite tv shows? i'm always on the look out for more.
cheers, t&e.

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