Thursday, April 18, 2013

brand exploring: lush cosmetics.

lush. the word itself promotes a feeling of abundance and sensual thriving. just reading descriptions of 'lush cosmetic' products makes my skin crave some serious tlc, thanks to the almost orgasmic way they can talk about avocados and seaweed (it just sounds so damn good!). i've always called myself a lover of 'lush', however recently i have rather naively based this adoration solely on the company values (such as their anti animal testing and environmental campaigns), rather than the products in funky packaging they continuously give birth to. after having a scrumptious brunch with a friend who works at my local lush store, i realised how long it has been since i purchased one of their products, which i really don't have an excuse for as their shop front is directly opposite my own workplace. i was suddenly embarrassed. how could i proudly profess my love without being able to remember the last time i set foot in the store, let alone brought a product.

and so it was decided. on my way to work this morning i set off early and eagerly, ready to do my research in that 'store across the road,' before it was too late and i sooner or later exposed myself for the fraud that i really am. i must credit my cheerful experience to the lovely lass working today who constantly chatted too me as i strolled bug-eyed around the store, trying to take in each texture, colour and smell from the many cosmetics covering the tables and shelves. at the end of my visit, she offered me a copy of 'lush times' which i happily skipped away with and spent all day longing to get home, just so i could delve into its pages and see what else my inspiring visit could potentially offer me.

as soon as dinner was over, i spent the next hour browsing 'lush times' page by page, creating a continually growing list of the many products i'd like to try for myself. i figure many of my current beauty products are starting to run out, so this is the perfect opportunity to swap things up and try some new, crazily scented goodies (never mind my prevelant lack of money, we'll just have to work around that). hopefully over the next few weeks i will be able to start bringing some 'lush' product reviews to you, once i can find enough loose change around the house and in the bottom of handbags to support my new endevour.

have you guys used many lush products? do you have favourites you'd recommend or ones that you wouldn't?

cheers, t&e. x
p.s. as of today i am now the (both proud and slightly embarrassed) owner of a 'peter alexander' two piece, black velour tracksuit. i've always wanted one so i'm rather excited, however it's a very early birthday pressie so i have to wait another sixish weeks to wear it. boo you whore!

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